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Why NITC website system will be permanently free of charge? !
2010-09-08 17:22:35

Because of the growing Internet community, SMEs must have basic products, while the Internet should be free of such basic products allow enterprises to use. As long as there base product, other Internet services or products on this basis can play better.

The following are often mentioned in the beginning of the user to visit a number of issues:

1, the site really free?
A: Yes, NITC and efficiency Web site is permanently available for download free of charge. Web site needs to provide domain name and space is cheap, and voluntary choice by the customer.

2, the website for our business?
A: NITC's market position is the whole of China 43 million SMEs.

3, a free web site really easy to use it?
A: NITC website not only easy to operate, but also enhances the Network Marketing and useful features. As long as simple operations and the effects can be better.

4, I do not want the original site, and how changed to your site?
A: You just provide the original site's domain name and space FTP permissions to us, NITC spirit of customer service will help you to solve.

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